National Microchip complements your existing supply channels with our wide-ranging component distribution services and market knowledge. With our unsurpassed experience, we have established the broadest & most dependable component distribution network in the world, which means we can help you capitalize on opportunities in the market to bridge supply gaps, reduce costs, & manage inventory.

Our passion, experience and attention to detail drive our electronic components distribution team to deliver the highest level of electronic component supply chain services to meet your company’s purchasing needs.

We’re proud to have some of best customers from numerous industries: Computing, Personal Electronics, Communications, Energy, Aviation, Medical & more.  And, they can be found on every continent across the globe. They are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Electronics Manufacturing Services providers (EMS), and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs).

Organizations increasingly find that they must rely on effective supply chains to compete in the global market and networked economy. Managing your supply chain can pose unpredictable challenges, but National Microchip delivers dependable and reliable results. Our expertise makes us the leading distribution partner for technology companies that need to secure quality components in a timely manner.  National Microchip offers a variety of value-added services that can reduce your vendor base as well as associated lead times. Your entire organization will benefit from the increased focus, productivity and efficiency of these services, including:

  • Third-Party Die Inspection
  • Third-Party RoHS Verification Testing
  • Third-Party X-Ray Testing
  • Third-Party Solderability Testing; Solder Dip / Tinning
  • Tape & Reeling; De-Reeling
  • Extended Storage (Climate-Controlled and ESD-Certified)
  • Part Cross Referencing: We can cross over 1,000,000 part numbers.
  • Shipment Notification & Order Verification

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Excess Management Program

Whether you're seeking to sell obsolete or excess inventory, or recycle e-waste safely, National Microchip can engineer a solution that will maximize return on investment while complying with all environmental regulatory standards for your surplus material.

Depending upon your needs, National Microchip will deliver flexible solutions through:

  • Cash purchase program. National Microchip buys your surplus inventory and markets it through our extensive sales channels. 
  • Consignment program. National Microchip partners with your organization to take consignment of surplus inventory. Materials are then marketed through our global sales network, with income dispersed through an exclusive shared revenue program.
  • Consumer Demand. National Microchip provides the fastest time to market while customers maintain full possession of their inventory throughout the entire process. Benefits include a global sales network, technical and marketing expertise and supply forecast through our developed OEM/CEM customer base.


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