QUALITY Management system

At National Microchip, our commitment to quality is clear. By aligning our business processes with AS9120B Quality standards, we are able to reach unrivaled levels of product quality and customer service.

Our AS9120B ISO9001:2016 Quality Management System covers all the activities that impact the service we offer to our customers.

Specifically there are four distinct but interrelated elements:

  • People and organizational skills
  • Performance measurement and analysis
  • System and process effectiveness
  • Data accuracy

Our AS9120 QMS is an integral part of our overall business management system and through effective monitoring of relevant processes, it ensures that the following principles are upheld:

  • We provide higher quality, better value and lower costs to our customers.
  • We are proactive in anticipating customers’ needs and expectations.
  • We safeguard our customers and suppliers by maintaining legal and regulatory compliance.
  • We provide marketing and technical support information that is readily accessible and easy to understand.
  • We constantly strive to improve processes, products, and services for the benefit of our customers.
Testing and Inspection

National Microchip is partnered with several of the leading test houses in the United States. Together, we stay on the cutting edge of innovation and continuous improvement in the area of testing and quality assurance. We deliver advanced examination services to prevent the distribution of inferior electronic components by providing the highest quality standards in electronic testing with careful analysis and an emphasis on customer service. National Microchips' highly trained team of component engineers thoroughly inspects each device to guarantee the delivery of quality components that meet manufacturers' exact specifications.

What is an External Visual Examination?

An external visual exam is an inspection of a component under a low power optical microscope. Various aspects of the package are inspected: the markings, the condition of the package, and any non-conformance related to the package.

How is an External Visual Inspection Performed?

An external visual exam is performed with the naked eye and a low power optical microscope. The component will be inspected on all sides for non-conformance, condition, and markings. When performing an external visual, our Quality Control Department will use ESD safety techniques, including setting the component in conductive foam or in a static protection bag when not being examined, using an ESD wrist strap when handling the component, and using a static free work station to inspect the component.

When is an External Visual Examination Performed?

An external visual assessment is non-destructive, allowing this technique to be performed immediately after our receiving process and prior to x-ray, electrical testing, or leak testing if deemed necessary.

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